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Meda Srikalpa

• Ambiguous content writer;6+ years experience in developing content and in SEO (search engine optimization) with leadership skills to effectively resolve problems in a deadline driven-environment. • Proven track record of writing, proofreading and editing numerous informative research articles. • Worked as Web content developer, SEO/SMO researching for content and writing descriptions of products for building-up web sites. • Interact easily with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional levels.

8 Best Hair Packs That Soothe Heat Damaged Hair

Hair plays an essential role in enhancing the beauty of a person. Therefore, it is very important to take care of it. Every person...

5 Homemade Cinnamon Face Packs For Healthy Glowing skin

Cinnamon is being used for ages for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, especially in Ayurvedic and Chinese proprietary medicines. Cinnamon has a warm fragrance...

5 Superlative Home Remedies To Get Away With The Pain Of Wisdom Teeth!

The emergence of wisdom teeth usually occurs when you fall in the age group range of 20-40 years. In practicality, it is not at...

What is the best homemade rust remover?

Many things in our home and garden tend to get rusted over a period of time and due to exposure to the elements. In...

6 Amazing Recipes Of Exotic Homemade Night Creams To Wake Up Beautiful

What is your nighttime skincare routine? Just to cleanse the face and apply your regular moisturizer. Right? But do you know that during night time...

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