Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Addiction Recovery

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Nowadays all kind of mobile applications is available which is definitely helping you in every work such as in photo sharing, making a friend, counting calories and the most important giving health-related suggestions. That’s why we can say that there is something for everyone in the new world of mobile technology from entertainment to health.

Not only this, there are also various options available for the recovery of addiction. According to a 2014 article in The Fix, the addict can choose any app for any kind of addiction which certainly will help you because evidence-based research has been combined with technology.

Apart from this, the addict who is suffering from alcohol addiction or using drugs constantly, these mobile apps have been specially designed to inspire all such addicts. However, there are many popular apps that are used for the addiction recovery but here we will only discuss top 5 smartphone apps, therefore, you can choose one of them according to your needs.

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for the Addicts

You can connect with the support community by downloading these recovery-based apps on mobile. At the beginning, even if it keeps you sober for a few minutes or a few hours but gradually this period will increase and you can achieve the goal of addiction-free life. All the apps that included here are available on Google Android and Apple iOS and the prices mentioned are up to September 2017.

Pear Reset

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Addiction Recovery

Price: Free

Pear Reset app is the first medical app that was approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration of America). This app is based on a 12-week program that has proved to be helpful for the drug users but currently, this app can be downloaded by either those addicts who are over the age of 17 or those who have the doctor’s prescription.

In this app, the addicts are encouraged through a series of lessons in which the addicts complete the lesson according to their pace and participate in the quiz to get the reward.

The good news is that the reason for this app’s popularity came out on its test results because it was downloaded only by 80% of the people, out of which 41% of the addicts improved considerably. Therefore, if you want to use this medical app, you can download it after getting the prescription from the doctor. You can learn how to withdraw from oxycodone at home from this app.

Sober Grid

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Addiction Recovery

Price: Free

To use the Sober Grid app, you have to create an online profile. The Sober Grid is like Facebook that involves connecting and supporting others. Its specialty is that you can use it for creating anonymous check-ins whether you are an addict or not and whatever your mood. As you know, due to loneliness many people become a victim of addiction, so, keeping in mind this, the smartphone app was created.

Your daily connection with the recovery community is an indication for the sobriety and by turning on the GPS locator; you can easily find the sober people nearby whether you are in a new city or traveling, or at a ceremony. It will provide you the alcohol recovery diet also.

Another feature of this smartphone app is that the addict can find positive and inspirational ideas to improve their mood which will guide them for quitting the bad habit. If still, you could not succeed then you can use the most profitable life-saving option that is present in the app.

Nomo-Sobriety Clocks

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Addiction Recovery

Price: Free

Nomo can prove to be important to those who are in recovery. Emotional turning points can be marked and emotions can be shared through this smartphone app. It is also able to remove loneliness.

Apart from this, there are many other features such as This sobriety clock can change addiction into sobriety The Nomo-sobriety clock is in favor of distraction because it believes that distraction can only help in making the distance from the addiction, gives suggestions for it.

·         If you are experiencing weakness then it builds mentally strong.

·         It is an inspirational app.

We Connect

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Addiction Recovery

Price: Free

In order to download this app, you have to first click that you are choosing it for yourself or want to become a supporter of others. It is considered a good app for friends, family members, and sponsors. A daily reminder is available that helps prevent the problem of relapse. Its specialty is that it shows activities related to 12-step programs, outpatient treatment, group therapy, and family therapy.

And the most different, list of “Clarity Routines” available through which you can easily spend the whole day which includes music audio, creative work, scenery, and exercise-related events. Apart from these, you can get additional help by clicking on the SOS option when needed.

Rtribe app

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Addiction Recovery

Price: Free

This app was created by former addicts in which you can create anonymous profiles and connect with other people. It keeps track continuously even after getting sobriety. Through this smartphone app, you can also know that at what time you wanted to use drugs or alcohol so that you can overcome the craving.

In addition, if you want to assess the severity of the addiction then recovery can be estimated through quick testing. And rTribe provides blogs and some self-help videos to make people aware of addiction.

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