How to apply eye shadow for beginners step by step


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A Beginners Guide to applying eyeshadow and nailing that sexy look Time & Again

They say that eyes are the perfect mirrors of our soul and coupled with stellar eye makeup qualities, we can accentuate these beautiful features to stand out in a crowd distinctively. Eye makeup holds very potentially for making or breaking our entire look.

So, whether it is Halloween or a high school prom, we have got you covered with some tried and tested tips regarding how to wear eyeshadows that can help you in perfecting eye makeup like a pro.

Starting With The Base

How to apply eye shadow for beginners step by step

Preparing the base area is extremely crucial in getting the makeup right. You can clean the area surrounding the eyes and follow it up with moisturizing using an eye cream. Next, you will have to put some eye primer to keep the makeup intact for long while benefitting out of a seamless finish.

You can also apply some matching concealer that is in sync with your skin tone around the eyes and seals it off with some translucent powder. This will make the skin crease-proof while concealing any discoloration so that the eyeshadow sits better.

Choosing The Right Type

You can decide on the technique of how to wear eyeshadows beautifully after analyzing the shape of your eyes so that you can enhance the same to the maximum possible extent. Eyelid, crease, and brow bone constitute the entire eye area.

Thus, it becomes imperative to have a clear idea about texture or shades which will look good in each of these zones. While matte finish textures work best on the crease; shimmer, shine, and frost go well with the brow bone and eyelid.

You can use lighter shades at the center of your eyelids and darker shades at the crease for bringing along a contoured look while you wear eyeshadows. Use a flat eyeshadow brush for applying the color on the eyelid and proceed with a patting or sweeping motion to make your eyes pop.

Crease Shadows

While guiding beginners regarding how to make eyeshadow look regal, makeup mavericks advise at defining the eye shape by using a darker shade of eyeshadow at the crease section. Shades such as black, deep browns, dark purple, deep grey, etc. can surely get your job done in such cases.

You need to start from the outer corner of your eye and blend it halfway through the eyelid using a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush. Follow the windshield wiper motion to make eyeshadows look brilliant.

Colors need to be blended unless and until it starts softening from the edges. Lighter shades having shimmery or frost textures can be of great help in highlighting the brow bone.

Kohl Lining

How to apply eye shadow for beginners step by step

You can use a kohl pencil to impart a dramatic look and feel to your eyes by outlining the lower lash line. If you desire a smoky effect, then you can attain the same by smudging the kohl using a pencil brush or smudger.

For making your eyes look brighter and bigger, you can use a beige or white colored eye pencil on its lower rims. Eyeliner if applied properly can define the eyes magnificently. You need to start from the outer corner and use small strokes for pulling it inside gradually.

If you are wondering about how to make eyeshadow stay for long without any smudging or creasing, then you need to invest in a high-quality primer. A powder base can be of great help in setting the eyeshadow especially if you are using a cream-based one.

Waterproof or gel eyeliner can prevent the product from being scattered further. Makeup mavericks feel that eye makeup should be finished first before moving with the base makeup as that helps in tackling the blemishes and occasional makeup fall-outs.

Applying eyeshadow to perfection requires both patience and time but once you master the requisite skill, you can unleash the same by painting your eyelids in a myriad of hues and turning heads at every party.

  1. I always have my make up on and I am obsessed to have a perfect brow…, I am so happy that you have shared these tips and oguide.. You are awesome!


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