How Do You Post Application for Bails in Court of Law?

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to get yourself or a loved one out of jail for a crime committed, you need to post a bail bond application to the judge of the court during business hours. The defendant will be released from jail until the hearing of the trial. The bail application needs to be submitted to the clerk of the court. The bail application can also be submitted after- jail hours. Once the bail application has been submitted, the defendant will receive a receipt of the above.

Defendants should not miss the court dates

In case the defendant after receiving a bail does not appear on the trial date for the hearing, the court of law will issue a warrant for forfeiture of the bail. After this, an arrest warrant will be issued to the defendant. However, the court will give a chance to the defendant to explain the reason as to why the court date was missed. In case, there is a misunderstanding of the date or a genuine reason; the court will consider the above. However, the amount paid for the bail will be retained by the court of law.

Hire bail bondsman for help

Some special agents are known as bail bondsmen in the USA that help you acquire bails from courts. These bondsmen are actually sureties, and they post bail on your behalf. These agents earn their fees by charging you a non-refundable amount. Most of the time, these agents charge about 10% of the bail bond amount.

What happens when the defendant does not appear in court?

Now, if the defendant does not appear in court, then the agent forfeits the amount of bail. Credible experts in the above Castle Bailbonds Columbus professionals say that the laws relating to bails are not the same in every state in the US. In some states in America, if the defendant does not appear in court, the agent has the legal right to arrest the defendant, or it can send bounty hunters for apprehending the defendant. The agent also has the legal right to file a litigation suit against the defendant or any person on behalf of the defendant to recover the amount of bail that the agent needed to pay the court of law.

In case, one does not have sufficient money for bail, he or she may contact these bail bondmen agents and ask them to help. Here, they pay for the bail while the defendant or the person on behalf of the defendant pay just a small percentage of the bail amount. This means if one is arrested and has little or no money to bail himself or herself out, these agents can step in to help. They will guide and help you with the whole process when it comes to the bail application.

Last but not least, when it comes to bail bondsman services, make sure you rely on companies that have years of credible experience and proven track records in the field. This will help you to get bail legally without hassles at all!

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