Best anti aging foods younger looking skin

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Best anti aging foods younger looking skin

SYMPTOMS—You are getting old, and you know it.


Some people age more rapidly than others. Causes can include heredity, or a debilitating disease. But there can be other reasons.

  • Exercise is important. Lack of it causes loss of bone and muscle mass, and inevitable physical degeneration. Walk out of doors every day! Your life depends on it. Breathe deeply. Be positive and cheerful as you walk. Hold your head up and enjoy it.
  • Hearing loss can accompany aging. Too much fat in the diet, and lack of vitamin A can cause hearing problems. Some physicians suggest that hearing loss is a sign of later heart disease.
  • Processes of aging are accelerated by poor living, wrong eating and drinking habits, and dangerous activities. Some people make themselves prematurely old.
  • Older people do not absorb nutrients as well as younger people. This includes vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Enzymes and co-enzymes are not produced as abundantly as they formerly were. Food supplements are needed even more than in earlier years.
  • Eat good, nourishing food, but do not overeat. You are not working hard physically, as you once did. Experimental rats were given much less in food calories, and lived 50% longer.
  • Systematic undereating is one of the key secrets of longevity. Lose weight and keep slim. Extra weight rapidly ages you.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. A high fiber diet is important. If you are not hungry, then do not eat very much.
  • Brittleness and fragility of bones result as calcium is more poorly absorbed. Make sure you are obtaining an adequate supply of calcium, vitamin D, and copper.
  • Drink freshly-made carrot juice every day.
  • If possible, drink only spring or steam-distilled water. Keep your body’s water table high. It will go a long way toward protecting you against later heart and blood vessel problems.
  • There is increased oxidation of cells with the advance of years. Take vitamin E to help safeguard against this. Vitamins A and C are also antioxidants.
  • The B complex are needed for good brain function, proper digestion, sound nerves, and physical stamina.
  • Vitamin C in your diet will lessen the likelihood of strokes and blood vessel ruptures. It strengthens the body, and promotes healing of wounds. It fights infection.
  • Make sure you are obtaining enough minerals. Take a vitamin/mineral supplement so you will get enough potassium, iron, selenium, zinc, and all the rest.
  • Eat a little Nova Scotia dulse or Norway kelp each day to get those needed trace minerals.
  • Stop smoking, drinking, and living in excess. Throw out the caffeine and processed foods. Go to bed on time. If you cannot sleep in the middle of the night, pray and thank God for your blessings. Go outside and breathe deeply of the good night air, then go back to bed and to sleep.
  • As much as you can, stay away from medicinal drugs, and you will be happier for it.
  • A person who is depressed or negative will age faster. Cheer up, go to God and surrender your life to Him. Obey His Ten Commandment laws and trust your life to Him. Be peaceful in Christ. Find in Him your strength and hope.
  • It can be more difficult to deal with stress as you get older. God can help you with that also.
  • Find someone to help, write to, and pray for.
  • Helpful herbs include ginseng, gotu kola, echinacea, cayenne, pau d’arco, hawthorn, and suma.

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