Amazing Home Remedy for piles

Amazing Home Remedy for piles
tamarind for piles

Causes of piles

In today’s fast and stressful lifestyle, irregular eating habits and odd sleeping hours cause many health disorders. in that series, piles are one of the frequent problems occurring nowadays They cause problem equally in men and women between 30 years of age piles are enlarged view in the return rectum and anus usually caused untreated constipation.

Symptoms of Piles

  • Anus appears red.
  • swollen pain in anal protrusions
  • Burning sensation
  • Bleeding from anus
  • Tamarind is an amazing remedy for piles treatment

symptoms of piles


Foods to Avoid in piles


Avoid overly foods to avoid inflaming the piles. However, Ayurveda treatment for piles recommends small consumption of turmeric and black pepper. These mild spices will stimulate blood flow without adding irritation to the hemorrhoids.



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