Amazing Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds You Must Know:

 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds You Must Know:

Sunflower, the bright yellow and mesmerizing flower, an all-time favorite of children, is a powerful source of strong vitamins and natural minerals, and antioxidants. And what you call its seeds are actually kernel, its fruit.

They are non-toxic in every manner. Thus, they are one of the safest edible flower derivatives that can actually prolong human life. If you have been counting on tablets for daily substitute of adding essential minerals and vitamins to the body, you must start counting on sunflower seeds now. To help you get a better idea of how powerful these seeds can be, we have listed their 6 benefits that are completely health reforming.

 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds You Must Know:

1. They Reduce Cholesterol:

Increased cholesterol is basically an outcome of slowed metabolism that inhibits bile juices in the liver. It is the function of these juices to ensure that small fat droplets do not stick together to make larger molecules. And it is these larger molecules that are lower in density. Hence, they form plaque in capillaries, veins, and arteries.

What the body needs to reverse larger fat into smaller pieces again is beta-sitosterol. And this rare antioxidant from the class of phytosterol is bulked in bundles in sunflower seeds. This is why these seeds decrease LDL by breaking it to form HDL [1].

2. They Protect Heart:

Among st a scary list of a lot of heart-harming factors, high blood pressure sits on top. It can push you towards the risk of heart attacks, cardiac arrest, and heart failure when combined with high blood cholesterol.

But sunflower seeds guard the heart against spiking and up the shooting of blood pressure by releasing homocysteine. Also, since these seeds are naturally bestowed with Vitamin E, Vitamin b6, folate, and thiamine, they start guarding the heart against cardiovascular diseases, so that they do not happen first hand [2].

3. They Reduces Cancer Risk:

Against the knowledge of many, Vitamins are actually antioxidants. And so is Vitamin E that is infused naturally in sunflower seeds in appreciable amounts. And other than being a skin moisturizing agent, Vitamin E is also a widely used anti-carcinogenic agent that can bring down the severity of even second stage cancer, when given an added shot of selenium. And by nature’s choice, sunflower seeds are filled with both these anticancer antioxidants [3].

4. They Promote RBC Formation:

It is folate in the body that works towards the formation of healthy and new red blood cells and replace the dead and old ones with them. And lower amount of these cells in the body lead to anaemia.

Fortunately, sunflower seeds contain natural traces of folate and iron in abundance. And since they are safe, their consumption on a daily basis can trigger the slowed formation of new RBC’s. Which is why, they are nothing short of a natural blessing for anaemic people [4].

5. They Make Bones Stronger:

Sunflower seeds are filled with bone-friendly vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, and vitamin E. While calcium from these seeds deposits on the outer layer of bones, strengthening them against fractures, magnesium works as bone filler that reduces the chance of bone hollowing, which otherwise leads to osteoporosis.

Copperworks as a bridging link between connective tissues and bones that ensure the joints remain moveable. Also, sunflower seeds ease arthritic pain, since they are infused with the anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic goodness of Vitamin E [5].

6. They Ease Asthma:

Asthma is triggered by thickening of mucus, that converts to phlegm and sputum, in the respiratory tract and air passages. This condition is highly inflammatory and is often accompanied by a choking feeling and chest pain.

Vitamin E infused in abundant amounts in sunflower seeds dilutes this accumulated mucus. It not just eases the sharp pain, but also gives the lungs a clear passage to inhale and exhale [6].

The above-listed 6 benefits of sunflower seeds for health are quite convincing and effective. You must consume these safe seeds daily. Also, they improve blood circulation and increase the strength of WBC’s for better immunity