Alum The Most Effective Aftershave

Alum The Most Effective Aftershave

The Most Effective Aftershave

Alum is power packed with medicinal properties. It should be always included in your shaving kit if you wet shave or otherwise. Most of the aftershave lotions or other cosmetics are just chemicals which do more harm than make you look handsome.

Phitkari is a styptic which stops bleeding if you get cuts during aftershave. It is also an excellent astringent and closes up the pores.


Phitkari is a natural antiseptic which not only stops aftershave rashes but also cures it instantly.

Immediately after washing face with cold water, wash phitkari in running cold water and apply on the face gently. Use the smooth edge/surface of the phitkari to rub gently on the face. Apply 1 or 2 layers of a coat by gently rubbing phitkari. Apply few extra layers to those areas where you get rashes or skin irritation.
Leave face to dry. Don’t wash it with water or towel immediately. After some time dry phitkari will turn into white powder on the face which you can wash with water.


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