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Effects of alcohol tobacco & marijuana on the body

Everyone is aware of the effects of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana on human health. What no one is aware of is the intensity and period of the negative effects of these items on human health.



The success and advancement of humans have put them at a greater risk of getting severe diseases. As humans are climbing up the ladder of technology, they are observing new diseases emerging on the surface.

Spectrum Cable Packages include informative channels that always keep viewers updated about the health issues arising in the world and the way they can save themselves.

However, science is always able to invent or discover the remedy and vaccination for every health issue but some diseases are beyond medication.

Moreover, some diseases harm human health in a way that the person is beyond mending. Most diseases can be avoided by watching the steps taken by the person.

Some things possess an addictive nature and have negative effects on the human body too. Around 27.1 million individuals all around the world are addicted to various drugs.

In the list of such items Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana are observed in the high ranks. Tobacco and Marijuana are enlisted in drugs as well. Here are some facts about the effects of Alcohol, Marijuana, and Tobacco on human health.

Alcohol and Human Body

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used drugs all around the world. Individuals love to take it in the form of beer, wine, booze, and champagne.

According to a report published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 5.2 percent of the youth in the United States are addicted to alcohol. The report also states that 88,000 residents of the US die each year because of alcohol overdose.

Alcohol, like every other edible, is not harmful to human health when taken in a small proportion. However, when someone drinks more than a limited amount of alcohol, the body faces harmful situations.

The human liver is not able to break down a large amount of alcohol so apart from a small amount of alcohol, the excess amount starts flowing in the human body and causes dizziness.

The addictive overuse of the drink can cause liver failure, heart diseases, cancer of the mouth, neck, or liver, and some psychological illnesses as well. True, being an alcoholic is difficult to overcome, which is why some companies developed an app to assist individuals to quit alcohol.

Tobacco and Human Body

Tobacco houses one of the most addictive ingredients, nicotine. The most common form of taking tobacco is smoking. Nicotine is highly addictive and even the majority of the individuals who take tobacco for the first time experience addictive effects. What makes tobacco so addictive?

Nicotine reaches the human brain in the blink of an eye and since it looks like a neurotransmitter, it starts acting like one. It increases the production of some other neurotransmitters and some hormones that affect the mood, heart rate, appetite, and memory of the person.

Moreover, it boosts the production of dopamine which is famous for making humans feel happy. This is the little secret behind the addictive nature of nicotine (tobacco). Lung cancer, oral cancer, and, emphysema are some of the many diseases caused by its use.

Marijuana and the Human Body

Marijuana is can be found on the list of Schedule 1 list of drugs with heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. Schedule 1 drugs are highly addictive and have no rehabilitation solutions available for them.

Marijuana is also used in some medicines but in controlled forms. An overdose of marijuana has been reported to have short-term as well as long-term effects on the human brain and body.

Marijuana is made from a plant called cannabis that has a chemical compound, which acts like the receptors found in the human mind naturally. This compound reaches the human mind within one minute and affects the mood, appetite, memory, and sleep of the person.

The effect is also observed in the increased production of dopamine and as a result, the human feels happy and relaxed. If taken excessively, marijuana can harm the human heart, brain, and lungs and can cause depression, anxiety, and different forms of cancer.

What Should You Do?

According to research, 15 percent of first-time persons get addicted to alcohol, 9 percent to marijuana, and 32 percent to tobacco. These statistics clearly show that tobacco is the most addictive of these three drugs. Each day 1300 individuals die because of the diseases caused by the use of tobacco.

The only way to save yourself from this curse is by staying updated on the ways you can avoid these drugs. Buy Charter Spectrum Cable Company bundles and learn the ways to save yourself from these addictive drugs.