4 Major Tips for Selecting a Great Air Duct Cleaning Service


By making the wise decision to contract an air duct cleaning service, you’re already speculating ahead about everyone’s future health who inhales air inside your house.

As you initiate your probe, one aspect can be slightly intimidating: finding out how to select an excellent air duct cleaning service. It can be difficult to tell whether a company includes what you require: high-quality service, no excuses, dedication, and great reviews. 

To assist, we’ve composed a who-to guide for demonstrating these desired qualities. Count on us, by reading the short guide below, choosing an air duct cleaning service will be a piece of cake.

Kind Of Cleaning Method They Will Use

Most cleaning companies use a vacuum-like technique to remove mold, mud, and debris from the HVAC system. A business may prefer to use products such as antimicrobial chemicals to wipe your ducts.

There’s no requirement to utilize these chemicals unless there are clues of fungal or mold development within your ducts which would mandate you to employ such chemicals. 

Suppose you are comfortable enough to function with such a company. In that case, you are required to make sure that the Environmental Protection Agency authorizes the chemical they plan on applying in the HVAC system.

Make Sure You Get an Agreement in Writing

You might have glimpsed an advertisement from a firm that says they’ll tidy up your whole house for $99. It looks like a deal that cries too good to be true. Sometimes we are attracted to obtain cheap labor, but cheap is costly as we all realize it.

Revenue strategies and ads might not cite the cost of extras and add-ons. Before hiring an HVAC duct cleaning company, be sure to consent in writing which shows an expense breakdown of everything required during the procedure.

Ask Your Air Duct Cleaning Company Plenty of Questions

We’re strong followers of the saying, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” So when it is about your air duct cleaning firm, ask out! After all, you’re spending on the service with your hard-earned cash.

Any quality air duct cleaning professional will support your questions and take the time to win your trust. The best concerns to ask include:

  • How long have you been in the industry?
  • How many residences have you fixed?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Do you belong to any corporations?
  • Are your chemicals toxic to pets or kids?

If the service isn’t capable of resolving these questions positively, this is a poster of concern. However, it does not certainly signify the chemicals being used are dangerous. But it does symbolize that the cleaning company is unfamiliar with the products they will be utilizing in your system. 

You want agents laboring on your home to be aware. When consulting for a reliable service, you will receive satisfactory answers to these questions. They will be honest about their cleaning products, if any one of them is harmful to pets, children, adults, or not.

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Ask For Referrals

Any firm that is devoted to excellence will have happy clients they can use as references. Spend time studying facts about an air duct cleaning company before engaging them.

Take time to browse online reviews (stick to reliable sources, though for credibility) and observe what people tell about them. Ask family, friends you know who might have employed your chosen service before. Most people are interested in sharing their experiences.


When selecting any service or firm, never elect without first comparing multiple options. Don’t restrict yourself to just a single air duct cleaner. Instead, reach two or three and then relate their services, rates, and statuses. Only then can you observe who’s good for you.

There are a bunch of reliable residential cleaning firms out there. Your best technique for acquiring superb service is to heed this guide to take concerns into your own hands. The air your homies breathe relies on it!