How can you improve your spiritual health

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Spirituality for good health: A new look to spirituality
Relax and recharge your self

Spirituality and peace of mind are important not only for mental health at peace and harmony but also for physical health. Spirituality is knowing who you are and connecting with something larger than yourself. Some people believe its god or spirit that is outside. others believe its inside. I believe its both. Spirituality often involves looking beyond the surface of things and trusting the process of how our life unfolds. This can be particularly useful when our life becomes challenged and stressed. Often we are comforted in having a spiritual connection at these times.

Our life becomes more meaningful and we feel more peace when we know that we are supported and held in times of difficulty and ease. Part of this why people get stressed is that they are looking for a reason why this is happening to them.. sometimes the wisdom of why is only revealed later

A spiritual outlook helps greatly during these times helping to increase our patience in times of difficulty and helping to bring a sense of gratitude in times of ease.

Are there exercises that are given to people to help them discover their spiritual side?

The answer is YES!! It could be a prayer, a heart meditation exercise, a mindfulness practice creating a ritual to bring more meaning to your life or gardening. Any kind of hobby is also considered as spiritual where it gives you immense peace and happiness when done with passion. It could be scuba diving. Its what brings more meaning and purpose and value to your life. It is what makes you feel more connected to your life what you love in getting touched it and what you are more passionate about and what lights up your soul getting lost in something.

Create your soul spiritual rituals !!

Some people are afraid to come to spirituality because they think it is outside their religion but if you already have faith in something and want to develop it that’s spirituality means awakening the soul inside you. It is more of the inner process. It is becoming clear what brings meaning and purpose to life. Spirituality is an alignment of our mental physical and emotional and spiritual parts coming together. It means your relationship works better and you are aligned with your work and soul and that means to you and you are living more connected with your true purpose.

What are rituals ??

Every day we practice rituals – we brush our teeth, eat breakfast, watch our new favourite programs. We do them with ease and often without much thought. Spiritual rituals hold more meaning, they resonate with us and its important for our spiritual health and overall happiness to engage in some regularly. They allow us to step into sacred. The meaning and repetition to bring to it make it more sacred. what can become a spiritual ritual may surprise you and maybe something you are already doing. Whatever it is you are bringing consciousness to it which allows you to turn inward and reflect. These rituals can be personally meaningful whether performed with others or alone.


Explore your creativity as a spiritual ritual. Expressive dance poetry drawing dancing singing even cooking gardening all are examples of activities that can provide a deeper experience. Hobbies are personal and when you make time to activity it means something to you it feeds your spirit


Calling a friend or family member each week or gathering yourself in a group of friends who are uplifting to you each month can be a ritual that becomes important for your life. the same goes for volunteering or engaging in the community or a group. Its a ritual of showing up to help someone no matter the cause that can be deeply fulfilling. the relationship that are formed in those situations also contributes to spiritual health.


Though moving your body is certainly you do something for physical health it can also be a spiritual practice. Many people feel spiritually connected when they are running or sweating it out. but any form of exercise can be a vehicle to calm you and can be a stress buster like swimming walking indoor cycling can offer you that. which allows you to be in the present moment… Yoga is particularly helpful as it is a mind and body technique that help you find more focus as you constantly move through more poses and positions.So exercise to sweat out will keep you not only healthy mentally and internally but also protect you from obesity and overweight. Exercising can keep all cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome at bay and help you keep more healthy and cheerful for the long run. Becoming fat and overweight can cause problems such as blood glucose levels, high blood pressure and high cholesterol which needs to be taken care of with allopathic mode of medication which can be life long affecting your kidney and the liver as side effects in the long run. So stop falling prey to diseases and the chemical mode of treatment giving you more side effects. go for improving your natural healing power which helps you in being treated from inner root and harmony.


Taking a few minutes each day to breathe with purpose is one of the simplest rituals you can include in daily life. You’re breathing is connected with your spirit. Mindful breathing increases your awareness and brings you into the present moment allowing the entire focus on you. So do mindful practices such a breathing more fresh air and keep your lung functioning capacity working.


Spending time outdoors and observing your surroundings can help you feel connected to the larger world around you. Watch the sunrise and sunset, notice the wildlife on a hike, listen to wind pass through the trees as you stroll down the walking path. Just sitting outdoors and taking in colours sound and smell can provide comfort to increase your energy mood and reduce stress.


The nature of mind gets us stressed out of little issues which leads to lack of clarity and concentration. but if you are committed to a prayer or meditation practise even for just 5 mins you can bring yourself into balance. Hormonal balance with spirituality to destress yourself is the need of the hour. Whether you say a prayer to yourself or for someone else it is connecting with something larger than yourself


Relaxing your self and your body and mind is a good practice to heal internally. It will not only destress you but also provide with the harmony which is essential for day to day living. Receiving a massage can be wonderful self-care rituals. it can offer you the chance to breathe mindfully think things through and assess your needs. Water for many is peacefully purifying and letting things go. It flushes out the toxins and keeps the purity in you alive. drink plenty of water atleast 3-4 litres per day . also taking bath regularly will purify and clean the senses along with you body from dust and dirt. Use some essential oils for that spiritual bath that makes you fresh and clean to create the personal experience more mindful

Your spiritual practice:

Dealing with a health crisis Experiencing a serious health problem from infections which increasing in your body and to make it more worst you have been prescribed antibiotics which are nothing but chemicals that increase the toxicity. Experiencing a serious health problem whether you own or someone you love can unsettle life. Here are three practices to try daily to help you feel stronger and more connected to your spiritual self now

1) Prioritize yourself now :

Going through the health crisis is exhausting physically and emotionally also spiritually that why it is important to have healthy boundaries so that energy is produced to heal and to stimulate vital force. IF you have a health issue you are giving too much of yourself to other people or work and not giving yourself a top priority. Maintaining boundaries is a spiritual discipline because it’s honouring yourself.

2) Don’t let your spiritual practice go:

When I think of someone who is in the midst of health crisis you should not lose hope. Be positive. It is the health cycle which goes round and round because your immunity is deranged and you need to take care of it .. you must focus on increasing the power of faith to cure yourself. It is important to remember that the real spirituality to health does not come easy and need lots of power and discipline towards life

3) Acknowledge that you need support

People battling with health issue usually isolate themselves so reaching out to friends and family to ask for support. there are many disorders like cancer and Parkinsons where we need to fix everything on our own and with the advice of the doctor.

Empower yourself with spiritual energy and lead to a recovery phase with a positive attitude.

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