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All You Need to Know About the Beauty Industry

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The beauty industry is considered the most thriving career in Australia. According to the National Skills Commission,  around 42,000 people are employed in the beauty industry as beauty therapists in Australia.

With an average earning of $959, it is projected to have very strong growth over the coming years. Although the compensation average may vary according to your location in Australia and your level of expertise based on experience, the career path is still very promising and is worth the thought, considering the very strong employability trajectory reported by the National Skills Commission.

What does it take to become a beauty expert?

The industry is dominated by women, according to Job Outlook. But just because women dominate, it does not mean only women can succeed in this career.

If you are a compassionate person with high regard for beauty trends, health and wellness programs, and aesthetics, and if making other people look good and feel good about themselves gives you an ultimate level of achievement, then this career can be your best shot.

With the right health and beauty courses and training, this is a great opportunity to start your dream beauty company and become a beauty expert.

What are my job choices as a beauty expert?

The beauty industry offers a wide array of specializations. Usually, an aspiring beauty expert learns three or two skills and works hard to become an expert in those areas.

A beauty expert can be an aesthetician, a therapist of the face and the skin, a hairstylist, a laser, a dermal, hair removal technician, a nail or eyelash technician, a massage therapist, a cosmetologist, or even a salon manager/owner. All these specializations come with their Beauty courses.

How do I begin my career as a beauty expert?

Before you begin your journey, you should answer first a fundamental question of what course should you take. Is this what you love? Is this what you are compassionate about? Do you see yourself doing this a lifetime career? Would it make you happy? Once you have made up your mind, do your research.

Many universities and academies offer a variety of health and beauty programs, so in selecting your training ground, research their credibility in the industry by looking at their level of accreditation, testimonials, curriculum design, and, if possible, employability rates.

Your school of choice must offer a good mix of classroom theories and competency-based learning through demonstrations-return demonstrations, workshops, and practical assessments of the skill. You will soon apply for a certificate, so you must be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to leverage your opportunity in the field.

Keep in mind that just because you planned to be a make-up artist, or a nail technician, or a hairstylist, does not mean that you are limiting yourself to your skill. Always be open to changes and improvement.

Whether you are planning to freelance or get employed, be open to upskilling. Adding new skills provides funnier and more exciting ways to explore the beauty industry. It can provide you with growth and a multitude of opportunities, for example, traveling.

Once you have established your credibility in the field, more clients will start to notice your service quality, and who knows, they might request your service abroad, with all travel expenses paid.

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