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11 Lesser Known Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

11 Lesser Known Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

While we have all heard about the benefits of body massage, foot massage, back massage, and head massage, abdominal massage is still an underdog that most people are unaware of. Abdominal massage, in general, is an ancient therapeutic remedy for various intestinal disorders. It also offers various other health benefits.

The belly is pressed by applying the direct or indirect optimum amount of pressure in clockwise strokes. An ideal abdominal massage should last for not more than 15 minutes. It eases the stiff abdominal walls and tense tissues.

To help you cherish the benefits of abdominal massage,

we have compiled its 11 amazing health benefits. Have a look at our list and decide for yourself.

11 Lesser Known Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

1. Abdominal massage for constipation

Abdominal massage is an amazing therapy that relaxes the stiff and tense muscles of the abdomen and intestines. It helps the intestines in absorbing more water and minerals. As a result, the tight feces are softened. It also softens the intestinal tissues.

The softened intestinal muscles start contracting and expanding normally. It redirects the feces towards the anus that helps in clearing the motion. In other words, abdominal massage does the work that a laxative does otherwise. Hence, it reduces constipation without causing any side effects on the body.[1]

2. It Reduces Stress

Abdominal massage is a therapeutic resource for people under stress and the ones who are suffering from mental and psychological problems like anxiety, nervousness, and depression. It offers the same physical and mental benefits that yoga offers. Due to constant stress, the body muscles and tissues stiffen.

This can lead to colon inflammation. An inflamed colon reduces the body’s response and stimuli. It causes the nerves to stiffen as well. Due to improper signals, the brain gets confused that increases anxiety. This causes hormonal imbalance.

But, abdominal massage cools down the inflamed muscles and tissues. This relaxes the tense and traumatized nerve cells and calms them down. This results in overall mind and body rejuvenation.[2]

3. It Makes The Skin Healthy:

Abdominal massage increases blood circulation. Increased blood circulation means an increased amount of oxygen supply to all the cells and tissues. Oxygen is essential for cell functioning like growth and reproduction.

Thus, abdominal massage makes the cells healthy. It triggers the formation of new skin cells. And the new cells replace the old epidermal cells. This makes the skin flawless and healthy and adds glow to the skin. The skin looks well-toned and feels velvet soft.[3]

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4. It Reduces Visceroptosis:

Visceroptosis is a serious postural disorder that dislocates abdominal organs due to improper contraction and expansion of the abdominal muscles. All the organs in the abdomen relocate to the abdomen’s lower part.

Though various reasons result in Visceroptosis, its treatment is not easy. Abdominal massage is one such ayurvedic rescue that helps in relocating the organs to their normal positions. However, its efficiency depends upon the amount of flexibility left in the muscles of the dropped organs.

If the muscles are still flexible, abdominal massage can restore them closest to their actual location. The results are best when abdominal massage is followed by exercises.[4]

5. It Reduces Breathing Disorders:

Abdominal massage is a great healing remedy for people suffering from tracheal inflammation that results in bronchitis, allergy, and asthma. Normal breathing depends upon lymph circulation.

And abdominal massage regulates lymph circulation. This increases blood circulation. In turn, it increases the flow of oxygen to all cells and tissues. Increased oxygen increases the metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate breaks down everything into small pieces, including phlegm. This reduces trachea inflammation and reduces the risk of asthmatic attack and bronchitis.[5]

6. It Improves Digestion:

Abdominal massage gently creates relaxing pressure on the abdominal walls. This increases the flexibility of the stomach. The massage increases blood circulation. This in turn increases the body’s metabolic rate.

Increased metabolism results in an increase in oxygen level. Increased oxygen results in easy breakage of food to small particles. The intestines are relaxed and this improves digestion. This also reduces acidity and gastric pain.[6]

7. It Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Failure:

Abdominal massage is an exceptionally safe remedy to keep the kidneys healthy. This is because abdominal massage strengthens the lumbar ganglia. Lumbar ganglia are the only link that connects nerves to the kidneys.

These nerves are essential for kidney health since they being the signal from the brain and vice versa. This regulates the renal function that increases the formation and easy passage of urine. Thus, abdominal massage reduces the risk of renal failure, saving the kidneys from damage.[7]

8. It Reduces Pain In Children:

Abdominal massage eases the stiff and strained muscles in kids. This reduces pain and makes the tense muscles flexible. It also increases the blood circulation that makes the mind active and reduces discomfort.

It relaxes the body. Thus, it is an amazing alternative for inducing better sleep. It is also an ideal choice for children who suffer from examination phobia. This is because abdominal massage reduces anxiety and stress. This increases concentration. It also reduces the risk of cold and flu in children.

Abdominal massage also offers benefits like lowering the risk of diarrhea, jaundice, chickenpox, and bronchitis.[8]

9. It Increases Hemoglobin:

Hemoglobin is an essential protein found in red blood cells. It supplies oxygen to body cells. And it binds the used carbon dioxide to itself and brings it to the lungs for purification. In fact, the deficiency of hemoglobin results in amenia.

Thus, an increase in hemoglobin increases the red blood cells. This not just increases oxygen supply, it also heals anemia.[9]

10. It Reduces Belly Fat:

Abdominal massage improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation improves the body’s metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate starts burning the deposited fat in the adipose tissues to get energy.

Thus, it is an amazing way to reduce belly fat. This is why abdominal massage is an effective remedy for obese people trying to lose weight.[10]

11. It Helps In Healing Irritated Bowel Syndrome:

Irritated bowel syndrome results in stomach cramps and hard stools. This results in inflammation that causes further pain. It reduces the flexibility of the sphincter muscle. This is also one of the reasons that result in constipation.

Abdominal massage relaxes the bowels and reduces pain and cramps. It eases the tense muscles and makes them flexible. Hence, it calms down the irritated bowels that help in clearing the motion.[11]

All the above listed 11 benefits of abdominal massage pose no risk to health. However, always avoid abdominal massage, unless recommended by your doctor, during pregnancy.