3 Bad Habits killing your Brain

3 Bad Habits killing your Brain

No one wants to have dementia or feel as if their brain is slipping away in their later years of life

And if you’ve watched family members with Alzheimer disease tread down that rocky path, you may fear the same thing will happen to you

The fact is that certain habits can slowly degrade and degenerate your brain power, removing you from your mental giant position to a mental midget.

Alcohol Consumption in higher amounts

3 Bad Habits killing your Brain.

When alcohol is consumed in higher amounts, there’s no desire to eat. The alcohol replaces the feeling of hunger because it’s high in calories. However, it’s low in nutrients and uses up the body’s store of vitamins and minerals.
Two common deficiencies found in alcoholics are thiamine (vitamin B1) and magnesium. Thiamine deficiency causes decreased mental alertness, emotional instability, confusion, memory loss, and decreased coordination. Magnesium deficiency causes symptoms such as confusion, depression, disorientation, apprehensiveness, and irritability.

3 Bad Habits killing your Brain

Bad Diet such as Junk fast food affects brain health

3 Bad Habits killing your Brain.

Foods high in sugar or highly processed such as pizza or hot dogs have the highest level of AGEs. Once they get into your digestive system, their effects are amplified. AGEs have been linked to every degenerative disease including diabetes, diabetes complications, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Not Reading 30 minutes daily or weekly

3 Bad Habits killing your Brain.

Reading, not only stimulates multiple areas of the brain; it also changes the brain once the new information starts sparking ‘light bulb enlightening moments’.
Reading makes it easier to keep your cognitive skills, especially verbal skills, high in later life. It’s a ‘shield’ against mental decline and some experts say that reading for only 30 minutes is the best form of relaxation.
There are numerous other bad habits that can cause brain degeneration if repeated throughout the years, like:

Not getting enough sleep.
Watching a lot of television.
Neglecting to exercise.
Avoiding mental stimulation.
Never expressing an opinion.
Feasting on pornographic images.

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