How to get healthy glowing skin naturally
(Last Updated On: 2018-06-14)

Everyone wants a healthy and charming skin that can attract anyone and for that, many of us use so many different products at the same time that hurts your skin. We must know some expert tips that can work and can help you to have charming and attractive skin. tips that can work and can help you to have charming and attractive skin.

Here are 10 basic tips for having a pretty skin. These are 10 simple tips that anyone wanting to care for and take care of their skin must know.

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Know your skin type

How to get healthy glowing skin naturally

(normal, mixed, dry, oily). If you need, get help from professionals: dermatologist, pharmacist … to identify what is your skin type.

Identify the needs of your skin

(acne, pigment spots, dehydration, …). Daily or punctual needs, know how to identify them.

Depending on your age and certain periods of your life (changing seasons, pregnancy, hormone disruption, holidays …) your skin will have more specific needs: protected from the sun or cold, purified and treated in case of acne, etc.

Clean morning and evening your skin

with suitable products. It’s really the base. How do you want your treatments to work and your skin to breathe if it is not rid of its impurities, makeup or excess of sebum ???

Choose your cleansers/makeup removers according to your skin type (milk for dry skin, foaming for the fatter).

Use products based on your skin type and its needs.

Learn to keep it simple. Do not use products that do not fit your skin or that do not meet the CURRENT needs of your skin.

For example, do not use an anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, anti-imperfection product and what do I know if you do not really need it. At the risk of tiring your skin unnecessarily by bringing him assets that are not needed, and moreover, the day you really need this type of care, they will be much less effective.

Do not anticipate the needs of your skin, we do not put anti-wrinkles at 20 years for example.

Do not overwork your skin

by overloading it with products, assets, constantly changing care. Try to use the care of the same range as possible and stick to the products that suit your healthy skin and best skin care products that can bring some improvements. It’s nice to change from time to time but not every week.

How to get healthy glowing skin naturally

When you set up a beauty routine follow there for several weeks, minimum of 3 months or more as needed. As long as your products fit your skin continue to use them. And when you test for the first time a care a minimum of 4 weeks is necessary to see the first benefits, do not get discouraged too quickly!

Use specific care punctually


Some treatments are only used from time to time, for example, scrubs and masks will be used once a week. In the same way, certain cares, serums will be used in the form of cure to the changes of season, when the skin will lack sparkle, after a convalescence… It does not stimulate its skin all the year under penalty to tire her, she needs a vacation too 😉

Know how to take breaks

and get your skin green so that it can breathe and play one of its essential roles in eliminating toxins. It is good once a week to go to bed without putting anything on his face or just the strict minimum.

Protect your skin from the sun


this is the best anti-aging care !! The sun is the first cause of aging of the skin, so you will avoid wrinkles, pigment spots, loss of firmness, etc.

In good weather, you can replace your daycare with sun protection. Do not expose yourself between 11 am and 4 pm in the summer. In your opinion, where do Asians hold their skins thin, without spots and little wrinkles? They protect their skin from the sun as much as possible.

Drink, moisturize your skin from the inside!

1 liter of water a day and more if you can, water is the main constituent of our skin, it is essential!

If you cannot drink water, think of teas (green tea is excellent because packed with anti-oxidant), infusions … Drink weakly mineralized water, spring water in general, water Too much-mineralized fatigue and foul the kidneys. A weakly mineralized water is recognized thanks to its dry residue around 100mg / liter (indication which you will find on the label). The mountain raucous is a water of excellent quality.

Finally the most important tip:

Eat healthy food! a good diet is as important, even more than any cream! Bring your skin vitamins, minerals, good fats through fruits, vegetables, good quality vegetable oils, oily fish …

Choose organic fruits and vegetables that are so much tastier and qualitatively better. Likewise, use virgin vegetable oils, unrefined first cold pressed. The subject is very vast, I will try to propose a more detailed article on food.

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