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Body mass index is all about the height and mass of a person. It is a value calculated by considering or simply concerning these two things. So, as can be expected, it varies from person to person. People of different heights, ages, etc. have a different estimated value of the body mass index. It is obviously, measured with units of kilogram and meter. Kilogram for mass and meter square for the height. You can calculate BMI online through any health-related website.

The quantity of tissue mass present in your body can be put into numerical values through the body mass index. Now many people question why it is important to know body mass index value and how can it be beneficial?

The simple answer is, it is a measure of how healthy you are. There are specific ranges for BMI. Some of which are considered underweight for you, obese/overweight, and perfectly healthy. It depends upon your standard BMI range and your present BMI is compared to your standard body mass index values.

Body mass index value can be maintained in different ways. If you feel like you are becoming obese or are underweight, then you must go for the different diets enlisted below. These diets will help you maintain your weight in the perfect range and help you stay away from the numerous diseases that unhealthiness and obesity might have accompanied.



10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

So as many people expect, food is the key ‘food’ for losing weight. Fruit diets help, maintain the body mass index, greater than any other diet possibly can. Due to all the different varieties of fruits available on the list of ‘’healthy eating’’, you probably get a lot of different choices among which you can choose for yourself the best one or the one which you’d love to treat your taste buds with.

Fruits such as avocado work as ‘’boosters’’ for your metabolism and just help you burn the excess fat resulting in you having the perfect BMI. Fruits have all the different vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, etc. that your body essentially needs. People tend to go on fruit diets where they eat combinations of different fruits in different forms and that helps them maintain their BMI. Also, you can eat some fruits without peeling them because that is the undigested part that accounts for roughage in your body.

2- Leafy green vegetables

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

Your mom or your grandmother did tell you to eat a lot of green vegetables when you were a kid, and you probably thought those to be boring back then. Well, little did you know how important and healthy they are for the body and the different ways they can benefit you. Green veggies have a pigment called ‘’lutein’’.

Now lutein helps a person from getting different heart diseases. Moreover, these veggies are packed with vitamin A. They work as antioxidants and help in the nourishment of your body. They keep your body hydrated, make you feel fuller, and yes, also boost the metabolism taking care of your BMI and weight in every possible way. So make yourself a salad out of these leafy green vegetables if you’re planning to be healthy.

3- Eggs.

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

So it would be unfair to count eggs out of the ‘’healthy eating’’ list because yes, eggs help you a lot with numerous things. Some of which, are given below.
Eggs are little globular shells full of protein content. Low in calories, eggs make you feel full whenever you consume them. They have all the essential healthy fatty acids in them as well. So start your day with some eggs and you’ll feel much fuller during the day.

4- Tuna and salmon

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

Numerous people are seafood lovers. They just crave the taste of the perfectly cooked tuna or salmon. Well, there’s good news for such people.
Tuna is a lean fish. Low in calories, this fish is considered in the ‘’safe and healthy’’ range for the maintenance of the ‘’body mass index’’. Tuna is considered to be a ‘’body builder’s fish’’ because it’s preferred by all fitness enthusiasts.

Not just for tuna lovers, but there’s great news for the salmon lovers as well. Salmon, an oily fish, has all the kinds of different nutrients that you can think of. Enriched with proteins, salmon helps keep your body healthy. Inflammation is known to play a role in obesity. You can reduce it with Omega 3-fatty acids and yes, these are found in salmon fish.

5- Potato diet

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

Every person loves potatoes whether they accept it or not. They like it in one form or the other but the potato has to be one of the most liked and ‘’famous’’ food. How about a potato diet though?

Potatoes are available in numerous different forms. One can consume them boiled, boiled and mashed, etc. Potatoes are home to potassium content. They have almost everything that our bodies need. They are a blend of different nutrients. And we all know how full potatoes make one feel.

6- Beef and chicken

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

Many people prefer going on meat diets. Simply because making you feel a lot fuller, it makes you feel much more energetic. These are rich in proteins as everybody knows. And proteins have been rated the ‘’highest’’ filling nutrients. These help lower calorie levels. Numerous researchers and studies have proved and concluded that meat makes you feel much more fuller reducing your untimed and unwanted cravings. One must know that untimed and unneeded cravings are the core reason why your weight increases.

7- Nuts

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

This might come as a blow for some. But it is safe to say that, nuts are the healthiest snacks that you can ever go for. Many people have this misconception that nuts are fattening. However, it is just a misconception and a false thought because nuts are not fattening at all. Experts at believe that one must eat a handful of nuts each day to maintain body BMI. They have fiber, proteins, and fatty acids. And these three things are properly balanced in the nuts.

Nuts make great food because the majority of people love eating nuts and due to the misconception that they are fattening, people tend to stop or eat only a very limited amount. However, instead of going for ‘’unhealthy’’ snacks such as ice creams and biscuits, etc., you must go for nuts if you want to maintain your body mass index.

8- Soups

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

The name of the soup, makes many mouths water and crave the taste of it. Soups are not only a treat for the taste buds but also very beneficial for the stomach. They help keep the stomach refreshed and healthy. Soups have a high quantity of water. And people who tend to go for maintaining their body mass index, are aware of how important water is for their bodies.

So, there are different kinds of soups. From vegetables to chicken, every single one of them is healthy if one keeps the salt and spice content low. You can add water to your food, make it a soup, and consume it. It will be a treat for the body.

9- Beans

There are numerous kinds of beans. Kidney beans, black beans, red beans, etc. Red bean salad has been very popular and very famous. Beans are said to be very beneficial for losing weight or maintaining the body mass index.

Beans have two essentials, i.e. fiber and proteins, but on the other hand, they also have the kind of starch, usually referred to as a ‘’resistant’’ starch, that your body requires.

10- A few whole grains

10 diet plans to help maintain BMI

Last but not the least, whole grains. Whole grains, as many people tend to know, are packed with fibers. Dietary fiber is the undigested part or content in the body. Many might question, why is the unneeded part even consumed and if they are undigested, isn’t it dangerous?

It surely would’ve been dangerous if they would have stayed in the body. They are excreted out and that is how they prove to be beneficial for the body. Grains help burn fat. Lower the amount of excess and unneeded portions that are present in your bodies.

To maintain a healthy body mass index, one must also exercise along with maintaining the diet. Exercise helps not only shred the extra fat from your body but also helps tone the body and the unneeded or lose fat that makes your body looks unhealthy and raises your body mass index to a level where it is considered unhealthy.

Some other diets which help maintain body mass index are smoothie diets, cottage cheese, full-fat yogurt, etc. Note, that all these foods have the correct balanced amount of essential nutrients such as proteins, healthy fatty acids, and all that your body requires. Also, all these foods tend to have very low carbohydrate content.

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