Multani mitti Fullers earth for acne and oily skin

Multani mitti Fullers earth for acne and oily skin
Benefits of Multani Mitti also called Fullers Earth 1. Fights acne and pimples 2. Removes excess sebum and oil 3. Deeply cleanses skin removing dirt, sweat, and impurities 4. Evens out skin tone and brightens complexion 5. Treats tanning and pigmentation 6. Effective in treating sunburn, skin rashes and infections (multanimitti is an effective cooling […]

Exfoliate For excellent hollywood Star Skin

Exfoliate For excellent hollywood Star Skin
Exfoliation is a simple idea and has long been a trick of the professional stylist’s trade, but only recently has exfoliation hit the mainstream When you exfoliate your skin you buff away the dead skin cells that linger on the top of your face, thereby revealing a glowing layer of fresh, young skin The layers of...

How to remove wrinkles from face naturally

How to remove wrinkles from face naturally
Wrinkles form when the skin thins and looses its elasticity The appearance of some wrinkles due to aging, and is the most common skin problem for women One of the first signs of wrinkles normally appear around the eye, and is called " crow's feet." As time goes on the cheeks and lips are the next...

how to grow nails faster and stronger in a week

grow nails faster with home remedies
how to grow nails faster home remedies As with your skin and hair, when your nails look their best, you feel more healthy and attractive And as is true with both hair and skin care, "less is best" when it comes to the care of your nails. That is, avoid over- manicuring, overpolishing, or working with...

home remedies to look younger and beautiful

home remedies to look younger and beautiful
Skin ageing is a state that threatens each one of us. Everybody wants to feel young and exuberant always This article will discuss the top five causes of skin aging and their remedies We all want to live to a ripe old age without looking a day over twenty-nine! Unfortunately, aging is a fact of...

Home Remedies for eye dark circles

Home Remedies for eye dark circles
Have you ever noticed dark colored skin under your eyes? I’m sure you might have. This dark discoloration of the skin under your eyes is what is called as dark circles. It has other names as dark rings or shadows as well. You may have the world's most beautiful eyes, but as and when you...

Tips for healthy glowing skin

Who does not want to look good? Everyone! It is an inborn trait of human being. And, skin is the most essential part that should be taken care of if you really wish to a difference to your looks. A good skin is a symbol of good health and it requires as much care as...

Ger fairer skin with raw milk

get fairer skin with milk
Raw or Unboiled Milk is very useful for getting a better complexion. It is very easy to apply also. Take some raw milk and apply it all over your face and neck. Let it stay there for about 10 minutes. After that, wash it off with cold water. Your skin becomes fairer and softer after the...

Get rid of Wrinkles scars fast

how to get rid of wrinkles
Get rid of Wrinkles scars fast Do you want to remove your skin blemishes, wrinkles, scars and acne without having to shell out a fortune on medications and cosmetics? When so, then you definitely need to try this amazing and yet very easy treatment of home microdermabrasion that works almost immediately The particular best thing relating to...

How to reduce swelling in face due to allergic reaction

swollen face
How to Cure Swollen FaceFacial Swelling occurs when fluid builds up in the facial tissues. In most cases, this swelling takes place in the eye area and cheeks, but it could also spread to your neck and arm. This condition can be quite distressing and could be indicative of a medical problem that is serious. Facial...

Purify Your Blood to avoid Skin Problems

Things you should know about Acne treatment products
Purification of the blood is very crucial for the healthy functioning of the body. The whole body functioning depends on blood supply. When the toxin level increases, the body organs gradually damage and start to under-perform. Allergies, low immunity, constant headaches, fatigue are few common symptoms which show that there are impurities and toxins...

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